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“Find your authentic voice, become vulnerable, and then put yourself out there.”

Meredith Brooks



from 30 € / 40 AUD
per hour

    Walking Act

    from 150 € / 200 AUD
    per hour

      LED Show

      from 200 € / 300 AUD per Show


        from 350 € / 500 AUD
        per Show

          The prices of our program consist of several components.

          They are calculated individually and according to the modular principle (by staggering the selected options). 

          This includes: 

              - Distance to performance location

              - Organizational expenditure of preparation and post-production 

              - Consumables (fuels, wick ribbons, stage decoration, rental costs for additional technology)

              - Duration and scope of the show

              - Artist engagement(s)


          As a professional provider of an extensive entertainment program, we also have to bear some fixed costs such as liability insurance, warehousing and maintenance costs, advertising costs, website management, social security contributions, and taxes.

          Whydo fire artists exists who can offer fire shows for a very low rate?

          Fire players, who can offer themselves in this pricing window, often run fire shows as a hobby. Be picky when it comes to your event's program. You do not want to take any additional fire risk. In order to be able to offer high-class dance spectacles, one must train daily, as well as include a well planned preparation and follow-up of the spectacle. Miigaa's shows don't consist of just spitting fire but offer a large program with different fire props and effects. The equipment has to be regularly maintained. We use only first-class fuel and attach great importance to a good atmosphere and safety gear.

          With us you book both security and variety. This is the quality you want and need for your special event.

          Scope and duration of the show can be discussed. Therefore, do not hesitate to make an inquiry in order to receive a non-binding, customized quote to you.


          Booking Process



          Use our contact form and receive an individual quote in PDF form for your event.
          Completely free of charge!



          Via telephone or email communication we create the ideal concept together.



          All you have to do now is to wait!
          We'll take care of further steps in preparation and implementation.

          CONTACT US

          Did we spark your interest?

          We will be happy to answer your questions and create you an individual quote.

          The following information will help us to find the perfect fit:
          WHAT KIND OF event is it? (Wedding, company party, video shooting,...) 
          WHAT are you looking for? (show act, children's programme, flyer design, ...)
          WHEN and WHERE does this take place?
          HOW MANY people are you expecting?

          Our Customers

          Miigaa's references are versatile and international.
          See a few of our satisfied customers listed here. 


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          Glow, Learn, Marvel

          The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire.

          (Ferdinand Foch)  

          Our mission is to share the spark of enthusiasm and create valuable memories.


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