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Christiane Meyer (Miigaa) is a circus and theatre teacher, starting her career as a dancer at the age of four. She has participated in numerous theatre, dance and musical projects as a performer, choreographer and assistant director. Miigaa leads her own dance classes, circus projects for schools and regurarly introduces people to the world of flowarts and fire dance.

Her studies in "educational science" taught her the essence of learning and teaching. 

In her classes, joy and freedom through movement is her main goal. 

Learning is fun! Find the lesson that suits you. For larger projects and groups, we are happy to provide additional colleagues.



...stands for dance, circus, theatre.

"Man only plays where he is in the full meaning of the word man, and he is only whole man where he plays.
(Friedrich Schiller)

And this is what we want foremost: to play!
Because we believe that you can learn best through games.
As a circus and theatre teacher, Miigaa has a very large repertoire of games and exercises from these areas.

No prior knowledge is required and classes can be adapted to different age groups.

Balls, hoops and other circus props are included.

These lessons foster balance, self-confidence, creativity, rhythm, posture, coordination, community as well as body awareness and overall bring a huge portion of fun! 



The fun plastic hoop of the 50s thats never  out of fashion!

Around the belly, the neck, the arm, the foot ... circled, thrown, rolled
- the Hoop is full of possibilities!

In this lesson we become one with the circle.

We learn basics as well as tricks and maybe finish with a small choreography.

Also as an absolute beginners course.

For children and adults.  



"Flowarts" are props that you use for movement art and object manipulation.

These include poi, sticks, hula hoop tires, fans, juggling devices and many more.

In our Flowart classes, we teach basic figures and techniques of the most common flowarts. Additionally to that, we explore movement and dance with theese objects.

Flowarts are the ideal solution for a workout that combines fun, strength, coordination and meditation.

A "flow state" is the beautiful moment in which you can devote yourself completely to movement and let everything else go.
This "flow in the now moment" is our learning and teaching goal.

Videolink "Flow Arts - a film



Classical ballet classes for all ages.

Ballet is a great workout for any kind of sport since it is a full body training for balance, strength, coordination and basement.

In this class you will learn positions, jumps, steps and turns from ballet.

Children from the age of four learn the basics of ballett through a playful introduction.

We can also offer courses (beginners to advances) for adults.


playing with fire

Experience the magic of playing and controlling this powerful element.
Overcome fears and find your own flow. Take your circus skills to the next level.

Manipulating fire is a dream for many people - we make it possible!

Trust the experts and get it right! Playing with fire is dangerous but once you manage it, it's so much fun!

We offer a professional introduction to fire dance with a detailed introduction of fire safety and equipment handling.

Minimum age is 12 years.


creative dance

For children from 3,5 years and older.

Through the science of psychology we know that children learn through playing. They love to discover themselves and the world and let their creativity run wild.

This creative dance class for children encourages the child's desire to move with selected games for toddlers and introduce them to the basics of dancing.

In addition to imaginary journeys and finger games, the programme includes rhythm training, light gymnastics exercises, circle dances and balloon games.


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“You can't stop the future
You can't rewind the past
The only way to learn the secret
...is to press play.”

Jay Asher, Thirteen Reasons Why


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Glow, Learn, Marvel

The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire.

(Ferdinand Foch)  

Our mission is to share the spark of enthusiasm and create valuable memories.


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